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The start of production of the fastener for attachment

The start of production of steel plate processing of a thick board etc.
  • スリランカには弊社のグループ会社である㈱ミックランカがあります。 ミックランカは1994年設立の会社で、スリランカで鋳物の製造・販売を行っています。ミックとは、人材交流も行っています。そのため、スリランカについて知ることが多くなりました。⇒in detail here.

About a casting

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History of casting

 Cast history is old and it will be said around B.C. 4000 that it started in the Mesopotamia.

 Copper is melted, it pours into a model and it is called beginning to have built various vessels.

 A casting could be called one of the oldest things in man's craftsmanship.

 It is around hundreds of years ofbefore B.C. that the technology of the production of a casting got across to Japan.

 When it entered in the 1st century, dotaku, a lead mirror, a sword, etc. came to be built, and when the Nara period came, a Buddha statue, a bell, etc. were built briskly.

 It is called middle of the Heian period or subsequent ones that the production of a casting spread in various places.

 The cause by which a casting came to take the form of a present-day industry is the Industrial Revolution which occurred in Britain about the middle of the 18th century.

 With development of factory industry, a casting came to be widely adopted into machine civilization.

 In Japan, the last stage of the end of the Edo period comes and movement toward modernization becomes active.

 The government introduced technology from the Netherlands and built the cupola (smelter).

 This became a forerunner to modernization.

 The casting extended money, accessories, a farming implement, a production machine, construction material, and its use range.

 The material according to development of foundry technique came to be used bronze, iron, aluminum.

It seems that it is as old as foundry technique, it is new, and there is no technology which is continuing developing.

Great Buddha of Nara was made in this way.

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MIC's cast aluminum.

  1. We are manufacturing large-sized aluminum panel (maximum dimension 5,800x1,600) to small things, such as a window grate and an object.
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  2. We are preparing the organization attached to your demand by the process which was most suitable for the product in detail from V pro casting process to the greensand mold casting process.
    in detail here.
  3. We prepare the consistent production system in my company in detail from wooden form to casting, finish, and paint, and am making it also attach the thing of quick delivery to your demand. We are attaining reduction of the price in detail according to consistent system of production from raw material to finished product. ⇒in detail here.
  4. We have embodied a visitor's demand with the variation even with variegated industrialization products from the product of handcrafts, and a delicate expression.
  5. With the work of the craftsman of the experience for 54 years, and skill, it has obtained by making a satisfying product offer.
  6. The aluminum casting used for a large-sized building, an institution, etc. to the exterior article has heard regardless of quantity.